2018 Reunions

Despite the P-rade being cancelled because of lightning, we had an enjoyable reception and dinner.  We were entertained by the Princeton University Rock Band, a group that brought 15+ musicians with different instruments (including a violin and a cello) and played many rock and roll favorites with different singers and instruments for each set!  Pictures below.  Not shown in pictures but in attendance: Ann Darnall, John And Susie Diekman, Van Williams, Lynn Klotz, Owen Nee, Marv Cheiten, Mike Michael, John and Nancy Fisher, Bill and Kate Scott.

In an historic note, rain has put the occasional damper on the P-rade, but only once—in 1953—did it force a cancellation. Even then, some classes insisted on marching anyway!  The threat of lightening certainly put a damper on the P-rade in 2018 resulting in its cancellation.  But consistent with the precedent set in '53, our class president Dick Brown returned to our assigned starting point and marched the entire route.  Upon reaching the archway leading onto Poe Field, Dick stopped according to our long custom and, lacking '65 support, he gathered several willing undergraduates and led a locomotive '65.  Several administrators remained at the reviewing stand and they congratulated Dick on upholding tradition.  '65 can rightly claim to have marched in every reunion since graduation.