Help Us Locate These Missing Classmates!

The Class and the Alumni Office have no records for these classmates. If you are in touch with them, or know how to reach them, please let the class officers know so we can re-establish contact.

Mr. Jerome Aka-Ahui '65 (Jerry)
Mr. Kenyon K. Corke '65 (Ken)
Mr. John E. Crowley '65 (Jack)
Mr. George W. Dickey '65 (George)
Mr. Robert H. Evans '65 (Robert)
H.R.H. Prince Khalid Faisal '65 (Khalid)
Dr. Stephen P. Fishelman '65 (Stephen)
Mr. James J. Freeman '65 (James)
Mr. Lawrence C. Frohlich '65 (Larry)
Mr. Chris G. Hovick '65 (Chris)
Mr. Brian C. Levi '65 (Brian)
Mr. Frederick W. Long '65 (Fred)
Mr. Frank P. Missell '65 (Frank)
Prof. Wawa Molamba '65 (Wawa)
Mr. Elpidio F. Olympio '65 (Elpidio)
2nd Lt. Kenneth R. Reed '65 (Ken)
Mr. Burt R. Rosen '65 (Burt)
Mr. Russell Y. Savage '65
Mr. Brian X. Schmidt '65 (Brian)
Mr. Charles F. Sills '65 (Charlie)
Mr. Christos Yannacopoulos '65 (Christos)